SMSTurbo at Your Site

Improve your landfill operations with scale management software.

Landfill scale operations receive these benefits:

With SMSTurbo software, you can increase landfill scale ticketing transaction speed, reduce operating costs, automate billing and increase revenue. The system helps increase transaction accuracy and reduces the risk of theft or loss.

  • Residential and commercial ticket transactions
  • Hazardous waste ticketing and tracking
  • Need to Accurately records specific items received to comply with government regulation
  • Tracks on hand inventories of each material
  • Handles ticketing for weighted and non-weighted items (each, yard, bail, gal, etc.)
  • Run daily totals to insure permitted daily allowances are not exceeded
  • Warns operators when daily limits are approached
  • Restrict access to facility by Customer (resident) ID, permit ID, driver’s license
  • Track permit issuance
  • Customer account creation by scanning of driver’s licenses
  • Support for electronic signature capture, bar code reading, and touchscreen displays
  • Support for unattended and driver assisted transactions
  • Customer and job/order specific pricing
  • Accept payment via cash, checks, credit & debit cards
  • Track inbound materials by source location (towns, counties, parishes, zones, etc.)
  • Track inbound materials by dump site (site, zone, cell, etc.)
  • Generate local government and EPA reports
  • Transactions are NTEP compliant, “Legal for Trade”
  • Billing – generate invoices automatically using the SMSTurbo Billing/Accounts Receivable module or with more than a dozen interfaces to standard accounting packages


Creative Information Systems, Inc. offers SMSTurbo®, the scale management software package with the versatility to adapt to the demands of a growing business in an ever-changing market. SMSTurbo® is a multitasking, integrated scale management software system.