Industry Leader in Aggregates

Sand and Gravel operations all over North America rely on SMSTurbo.

With SMSTurbo software, your operation can increase scale ticketing transaction speed, reduce operating costs, automate billing and increase revenue. The system helps improve transaction accuracy and reduces the risk of theft or loss.


Sand & Gravel operations realize these benefits:

  • Create more tickets and invoices in less time compared to manual ticketing
  • Billing – generate invoices automatically using SMSTurbo Billing/Accounts Receivable module or with more than a dozen interfaces to standard accounting packages
  • Ticketing and Billing – Generate invoices automatically using SMSTurbo linked to your accounting system
  • Accurately record materials, truck & driver identification
  • Maintain price schedules by customer
  • Record transactions to comply with government regulation
  • Keep a running total of what is in the yard


Electronic Ticketing Smooths Pick Ups and Deliveries at Dunning Sand & Gravel. Integrating scale management software with QuickBooks increases ticket creation by 50 percent and boosts revenue.

RB Robinson Contracting Uses SMS Turbo and FOUNDATION for Windows to unite scale management and accounting functions.

Creative Information Systems, Inc. offers SMSTurbo, the scale management software package with the versatility to adapt to the demands of various business requirements. SMSTurbo is a multitasking, integrated scale management software system for sand, gravel and crushed stone.