Accurately Track Costs

Don’t give all your profits away to an outside hauler.


Is this add-on for you?

If you are using outside haulers for delivery or pick-up you need to manage those costs. Do you know if you are making money on your delivery and pick-up charges or just breaking even?

The Truck Cost Report allows you to see at a glance what you owe your haulers and verify that the billings from your haulers are correct. It also allows you to review your profitability for delivery and pick-up.


Key Benefits

  • Pay by the mile or kilometer
  • Pay by the quantity (ton, pound, kilo, yard, etc.)
  • Pay by the quantity per mile (Example: $1.25 per ton, per mile. 4 tons at 6 miles = $30.00)
  • Pay by flat rate Pay by Zone or Location*


*SMSTurbo Delivery and Pickup Costs works in conjunction with other options. The SMSTurbo Location Tracking add-on is required to charge based on zones or locations.